How-To: submit your application to the application gallery

After you have built and tested your application the next step is to tell us how you plan to publish it.

It's easy to Submit your Application. Just complete the form and we'll review it. Once approved we'll help you to get it live on the WiFi portal or you're ready to go if it's enhancing your native app or website.

Step 1: Register your application

Select your account name in the top-right-corner and select Profile from the drop down.

At the bottom of your profile page you will see a section for Your Applications. To register your application just click on the "Register application" button to open up a new page with a form called "Application properties".

Complete the Application properties form to tell us what your application does, how it is to be integrated and how your application leverages the 1TO1.LINK APIs.

Step 2: Add an Icon

Upload an icon of your app to visually display your app and branding in the application gallery. Note: the icon image should be no bigger than 100px by 100px.

Step 3: Add a Title

What's the name of your application? Enter your app's name here, it will be displayed the application gallery listing.

Step 4: Add a Description

Tell us what your application does. Provide us an overview of the app and benefits of how it's integrated and used by connected users. For example, if it provides different content to Subscriber users versus Ticket users tell us what the differing experiences are. Or perhaps it's an application enhancement to your native app, if so explain the benefits of what end-users will experience when they're connected to your app while on the local WiFi.

This section should be a brief as it'll be displayed in application gallery.

Step 5: Add the Requirements

Tell us briefly which APIs you utilise and how you use the data to power your app. Please also explain the type of integration your application will have and if there are specific requirements for it to work.

You can integrate your application driven by the 1TO1.LINK APIs in a number of ways:

  1. With the WiFi Portal
  2. In your native app
  3. In your website

Note: if your native app has specific security requirements, for example EAP-TTLS, please contact us to discuss.

Step 6: Select a category

If your integration is for the WiFi portal, select "Widget" from the list. Otherwise select the category of your native app or website.

Step 7: Enter your URL

Please send us a link to access your widget, native app or website so we can test it out during our review.

Step 8: Add screenshots

They say a picture tells a thousand words. By adding screenshots of your application we'll be able to understand your vision. It's also useful for local spaces to imagine how it could work in their space.

Step 9: Save & Submit

Once you have completed the Application properties form, click on the "Save" button. You will then see your application in the list at the bottom of your profile page.

To finalise your submission just click on the "Submit" link next to your application. We will receive your submission and the 1TO1.LINK team will review it and get back to you in case we have any questions.

Step 10: Application approval

When we have approved your application you will receive a notification email with next steps to finalise any integrations. Your application will then be available on the 1TO1.LINK Application Gallery.