How-To: Planning your Integration

Before any coding begins, planning is an essential stage in any digital solution.  This "how to" is NOT intended to explain past, present or future software development methodology or challenge your existing methods of solution design, but it will guide you in how an integration, app or widget needs to behave within the context of the Open Innovation API boundaries.

Things to Consider

What will your app do?  What problem is it solving or service is it providing?  When benefit does it provide to the end user whether it is the general public or for internal use only - or maybe a hybrid between the two?  Be as descriptive as possible in your integration's definition.  It will help immensely for people outside of your organisation to understand what its intent is and what problem it solves.

What user experience will it provide and in what type of platform?  For any 1TO1.LINK WiFi space, the development is not restricted to a small widget in the web authentication WiFi portal.  It can be a widget, a fully developed app, native to particular devices or your existing website.  

The 1TO1.LINK WiFi space owner will approve your use of their API in production. They will asses if it's applied in a useful and relevant manner that can directly benefit their customers - end users of the WiFi network in their space - and that your use of the API and connected user data is innovative and responsible.

Technical Considerations

There are many aspects on the technical side that will need to be considered.  Here is a list of but a few:

  • Native app, widget application (microservice) or website
  • Responsiveness for different platforms
  • Usability and navigation
  • Content heavy or content light
  • Pre-load client API info v's light touch API data when needed.
  • Online or offline or both modes

Commercial Considerations

Unless you only write applications for fun or cannot sleep, there is normally a good monetary reason to build apps.  The method to monetise an application also takes some consideration as the source of revenue may come of different sources:

  • App purchase
  • In-app purchases
  • CTR and CTA programs
  • Affiliate programs
  • Sponsorship
  • Bespoke development (for space owner)

The presentation to the end user of how this 'service' makes money for the provider needs to be clear.  As revenue generation can be subtle or heavy metal loud to the user, the type, position of revenue generating aspects needs to be carefully considered.

Start building your application