• Events Game

    A fun trivia game in which you discover the events that are being held around your area by selecting the correct image based on the given hint. By gamifying the exploration of local events users in an entertaining way you might be inspired to learn more about what's going on and who knows, maybe even buy a ticket.
  • Frugl - Daily Deals and Low Cost Events on the go

    Frugl provides rail passengers with a curated selection of daily deals and low-cost events based on their destination from providers such as Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social, Travelzoo, 5pm, The List, Culture24 as well as via Frugl's own user-generated content. It enables passengers to find great places to eat and drink, hotels in which to stay plus attractions, events and much, much more all at great prices. Frugl gives passengers the opportunity to discover places off the beaten track and get a real taste of local life all at a discount, under a tenner or even free!
  • Instant Rating

    The Instant Rating widget is a great way to get a pulse on what your users are feeling. This is a micro-service that can be directly embedded into the WiFi portal of an enclosed space. The space can customise questions to be rated by end-users by time, location, sign-in user groups etc. The real-time reporting dashboard provides the rating summary and also the context so you a bigger picture of what the circumstance were at the time of the ratings. This is incredibly useful to understand user sentiments and hone in on what's most important.
  • Match Maker

    Events & exhibitions is about making connections and meeting new people. For all the good intentions behind scheduled meetings the reality is that in the thick of the event buzz things just happen. The Match Maker is a real-time widget that can be embedded into the WiFi portal or feed a native event app. It optimises event attendees to get the most out of their visit through real-time match making recommendation of who else has similar event interests that are actually there and perhaps even in a nearby zone.
  • Trending Onboard

    Trending onboard is a discovery service that ensures you don't miss out on what the crowd onboard finds interesting. Be it journey services, entertainment or things about the destination ahead, this service visualises what's trending and connects passengers to matching info, services and offers.
  • Wayscout

    Wayscout offers shared taxi rides from the station to your destination. Simply provide us with details of your final destination and we will attempt to match you with other passengers travelling to the same / similar locations. If we are unable to match you, we will still offer you the option of booking your own taxi ride.
  • What's Ahead

    What's Ahead is a widget for rail travel journeys. It knows which direction you're headed and will recommend things to see or do that matches your interests. For example if you're a tourist traveller the What's Ahead service will propose interesting tourism attractions like the local castle nearby your destination. The passenger can also adjust the stations in between the route to fine tune where they get off.
  • What's On

    Have you ever been on a train and had a FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) moment wondering what events are going on nearby the station that you're passing? Well, the WHAT'S ON microservice solves that. It helps travellers know what's on at stations along the route. So when that gig or offer jumps out at you, you'll be able to book your ticket or save the date on the spot.
  • Where Am I

    This microservice visualises where the connected user is on their journey. It displays to the connected user where exactly they are on their journey and the ETA for the upcoming stations on the route.